Van Governorate

Van Governorate is a public body in Van (a city ),Turkey. As chief executive of the province and principal agent of the central government, Van Governorate supervises government officials assigned to carry out ministerial functions, dealS with education and culture, health, finance, economic and commercial matters, agriculture at the provincial level. So, as a public body it has a close relation with local institutions, organisations or services. All public instutitions are bound up Van Governorate. One of them is Van Governorate Project Coordination Center. This EU Project Coordination Center has been established by the memorandum number 2010/6 of Ministry of Interior Directorate of Foreign Relations and EU Affairs on 26 January 2010 and pursuant to Van Governorate’s letter of approval on 29 April 2010.Our Office has started its activities on 29/04/2010 with the circular of Ministry of Interior (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Union) dated 26.01.2010 and numbered 2010/6 as EU Project Coordination Center of Van. In the process of full membership to the EU our country, EU harmonization, counseling and guidance, using the EU community program and Turkey's accession in accordance with the provision of economic and social balance within the EU and sustaining their purpose as a tool used in the EU Community Programs and Funds, Turkey's and to carry out activities in line with the interests of the province of Van, to keep the secretariat of the board by making the guidance process for the regular and active work of the Consultation and Steering Committee and to provide information sharing between the EU Project Coordination Units in the TRB2 Region in case of demand, GZTF analysis, development of project capabilities, tourism and so on and to carry out activities in coordination and co-ordination. The main objectives of the European Union in the process of candidacy of the province of Van, open to use EU and other international sources to make projects using funds to be provided, these projects are prepared both in terms of digital and content to ensure development, the public and non-governmental organizations who want to produce the project European Union Education and Youth The aim of the program is to guide other foreign consulates in grant grants, grants of foundation organizations and EU Framework and Regional Development programs effectively and to provide information, publicity, guidance and access to information resources for the potential beneficiaries. Our Governorate; based on the economic potential of our province and the source profile; It projects in an understanding that enhances the competitiveness of the private sector, provides regional employment and development, and maintains environmental health and social balance. It carries out monitoring, supervision and coordination of TRB2 Regional Programs, including Van, and cooperates with the relevant institutions. In the process of producing the project, it takes the priorities and possibilities of the province into consideration and directs it in a holistic strategy approach. In 2011, our organization was accredited as the Eurodesk Contact Point and the Youth Information field was also included in its objectives. In order to enable young people to benefit from EU opportunities, they have focused on information and guidance as well as volunteering and recognition activities. It introduces EU and Erasmus programs with project experts and 42 eurodesk volunteers and introduces young people to European opportunities. The Eurodesk contact point also provides information on the European opportunities for young people in education and youth and the participation of young people in European activities. Free question-answer service (by e-mail, fax, telephone and visit) advice and assistance services to question holders, providing internet access to European information about funds, organizing trainings and organizing support services, conferences, seminars and other events, information on the Youth in Action Program activities such as dissemination of experts and voluntary youth are carried out together. We are conducting also under IPA “ Community centers for Internally Displaced Person in Van City Project” which has been adopted in order to increase the social participation of people in our city and to reach them with higher quality and efficient works . It is being financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey .At the end of the project will have been constructed in three separate neighborhoods with 3 community centers in Van Province. The project budget is 5.773.000 Euro. We are also implementing Erasmus+projects K1 and K2. “Young Entreprenurs in Aquaponics High Five” is our current Erasmus+K2 project.



Şerefiye neighbourhood. Beşyol Streeet Governorate C Block 65000 İpekyolu/VAN


+90(432) 210 0370

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