The Content Meeting of DiDaMeP(Digital Database of Medicinal Plants)

Within the scope of our Project, first target of us is to make the young farmers in Turkey and all over the Europe learn about and produce some plants which are used as raw materials for medical drugs such as daisy, adders-tongue, hibiscus, gentian, mint and thymus by using Aquaponic systems. Unfortunately, these plants are not sufficient any more in their habitats due to reduction of agricultural areas and pollution and their market prices are considerably high. They also have export potential. Van city is home of many medical and aromatic plants. These plants generally locate on mountains, pasture areas, stream beds or lake shores. These plants are recorded thorough a system in the world their locations and numbers are determined by categorizing them. According to this process, they should be sold as products with added values after drawing a perspective for it. Unfortunately, we do not collect the statistical data of the plants which are used for making medicine in our country. We, as the Van Governorate, aim to create a digital data bank in order to keep the records of medical and aromatic plants which will include or province, region and finally all the Europe starting in our partner countries. We think to achieve it within the scope of this Project under the guidance of our two Project partners which are universities and with the contributions of other partners. One of the most important advantages of it is that we will be able to learn which plant type stays in nature and produce these plants by using Aquaponic systems accordingly. Furthermore, thanks to DiDaMeP, lots of medicine companies and related organizations will be able to reach the relevant entrepreneurs to have access to these plants and finally import them. We may foresee that it will be one of the special digital data bank among the ones in Europe and it will be first in Turkey. The Directorate of National Education of Van is the leader organisation of DiDaMeP. The University of VŠ Grm Novo Mesto, The University of Yüzüncü Yıl and Institute of Entrepreneurship Development will be the other organisations who will have active roles to create DiDaMeP. As Van Governorate, will also take active roles at this intellectual output. The other partners will help by determining the medicinal plants diversities in their countries. In the meeting, each partner made sure about task allocations regarding the medicinal plants. Each partner has different kind of medicinal plants for the database. The Database will include pictures, the explanation of medicinal plants and their home land.

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